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2005 - A Year in Review

I started writing up a kind of review of my year earlier tonight. I broke it down into sections - "Work & Publishing", "Sex, Relationships and Friendships", "Homes and Holidays" - that kind of thing.

I then deleted the lot just before doing the Starship Troopers Meme and going for a bath.

A lot has happened over the last twelve months. Most of it has been very good. 2005 has certainly been a lot better than 2004 in many ways. I've made some very good new friends from old friends - some of whom I'd not seen in years! (mooncadet and missycressy and Dom being the main three here :), gotten to know and see many other people whom I like and get on well with (tips the hat in the direction of snesgirl) and only really lost one person whom I considered a friend (largely due to a combination of seemingly trying to play politics with me and a misunderstanding where an explanation wasn't properly allowed - still, I wish them all the best and have never been one of hold grudges or remain angry/pissed off for long - and I don't think it was really politics, it just felt like it at the time). I miss some friends (daver2323 moving up to Scotland was a shame after living with him for so many years) and don't get to see some of my closest friends nearly enough (Delphine and Lady Bug both fall into this category).

Financially it's had it's up and downs. Holding down a three bedroom house in North London for several months "between housemates" caused a fair amount of financial strain which put various Cubicle 7 projects on hold for a while. Saying that the last few months have started to really pick up and I think I've probably spent more on myself this year than I have for a few. Certainly my CD and DVD collection has outgrown it's allowed space! I'm certainly entering 2006 on a lot stronger financial footing than I did coming into 2005.

2005 also saw me go on my first proper holiday that wasn't cloaked with business or visiting family for the first time almost ever. OK, it was only a few days in Vienna but Maggie and myself went there purely to go and see the place as opposed to anything else! My last holiday-esque trips were to Nevache in the French Alps with Delphine and her parents a number of years ago. I also managed to get away to Paris twice this year as well as work trips to both Scotland (for the first time ever!) and Germany. Not many countries it must be said. Must visit more next year!

Relationship wise 2005 has been a bit of an odd one. Hope to have a calmer time of things in 2006 if something happens next year. That's all I'll say on this particular matter although I almost wrote an essay on it originally! Yeah, also the main reason I deleted the original post :p Mind you I think it helped clear a couple of things out for me in doing so.

I do hope to see more of my friends in 2006. I've either dropped or am dropping a number of other commitments which would have taken up alot of time. This free time will (as I mentioned in a post a few weeks ago) go into Cubicle 7, Leisure Games and Angus in general. I have a lot of plans for 2006. Some will see the light of day some more than likely won't. Part of my life in 2006 will be dictated and influenced by anyone I may be seeing as I'm determined to make sure I spend a lot more time with "that special someone" should I find them than I may have committed to in the past. That's if a "special someone" appears on the scene, but if they don't then I'll be equally happy to spend the time writing, publishing and hopefully having some fun with friends.

It might not seem like it from some of my posts but 2005 has been a good year for me. Certainly a lot better than a number in the recent past! Thanks to everyone who has been involved in my year, shared things with me, been a friend or aquaintance, who may or may not be speaking to me, who has caused me heartache or headache, to everyone. Thank you 2005. You have helped me grow and certainly helped me realise a few things this year which I needed to see.

(Top Tens, etc will follow tomorrow.....)

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