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New Years Eve Activities....

....ok, I know it sounds strange to some of you (and certainly a few of you have told me I shouldn't do this) but I am spending New Years Eve at home tomorrow night. Alone.

I'd pretty much decided to do this a couple of months ago when I was contemplating picking up tickets for B-Movie or organising something else.

I'm actually looking forward to it. A night in with the house all to myself! It's a dream!!!

My plan is to cook myself a nice dinner and then spend the evening reading, meditating over the last twelve months and looking at the twelve to come, listening to music and generally just chilling. At midnight I'll probably be on the phone to my Mum or a friend wishing them 'Happy New Year!" and stroking a sleeping cat or two curled up in my lap. This is how I really want to spend this New Years Eve believe it or not!

There's pretty much only two people on the planet that could change my mind and as I don't expect to hear from either of them before tomorrow night (and even they'd have a struggle convincing me out tomorrow night!) I feel fairly secure in my plans.

I've been clubbing on NYE for the last two years and used to rotate between 'club' 'friends' 'home' before that. Also last year I actually felt completely alone and lonely at the club, even though I knew a lot of people there. I just wasn't in the right frame of mind and want a year out to collect myself.

The other thing about clubbing on NYE is that it's generally a lot more expensive to get in, certainly a lot more expensive to get home again (if you take a taxi!), there are hundreds of drunk b**stards everywhere and many of the friends that you'd normally see at the club are off doing something else because it's NYE! When you go clubbing regularly throughout the year NYE is usually (in my experience) more of a letdown if you're clubbing than not!

I am aiming to go to Inferno at the Electric Ballroom next Friday though if anyone is interested?

Anyway, that's my plans for tomorrow night. Thanks to everyone who has invited me to their houses or parties, I do appreciate the offers but already have my plans laid out.

I hope everyone has a truely wonderful evening whatever you get up to and to see you all in 2006! (Although you'll be subjected to mroe of my ramblings tomorrow...hahaha....(evil laugh)....)

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