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(Movie) Creep

Had another lazy night in with Jade and take-away food this evening. I actually went in to work today. I didn't have anything else on today and want to go shopping in town tomorrow so thought I may aswell do my 'Sunday' shift and catch up with a bundle of bits.

Anyway, Jade and myself decided to continue the 'horror' theme tonight after watching "The Devil's Rejects" last night. So we chose "Creep" - a British horror film that came out in 2004 about being trapped in the Underground with a psychotic killer/cannibal hiding out in the tunnels.

The concept really reminds me of the 1972 film "Death Line" (the film was known as "Raw Meat" in the States) starring Donald Pleasence. Although the two films do bare a few similarities any furtehr comparison would certainly do "Death Line" a disservice as it is by far the superior movie.

Creep - in short - sucked. It was predictable, completely unscarey, with terrible dialogue that was largely badly delivered (which given the leading lady was Franka Potente from the Bourne series of films and a host of other flicks was a bit surprising). Many of the actors seem to have come from various bit-parts from British TV series past and present - which may go someway to explaining the badly delivered lines. You loose all sympathy for the lead character as she just comes across as an idiot at times - as do a number of otehr characters. There can be no complaints about intelligent deaths in this script. The deaths are due to complete stupidity of the characters and you can tell when each one is coming - just keep an eye out for the places you wouldn't stand/turn your back/whatever.

I had high hopes for this film and feel very let down. British horror can never be taken seriously when they turn out such gems as this. I ended up rating this 2/10 on IMBD and to be honest I feel that was overly generous.


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Jan. 2nd, 2006 01:00 pm (UTC)
I wish I had shelled out £3 at the video store. I actually brought the bloody DVD!

It's going straight into the DVD clearout I'm planning in the next couple of months.
Jan. 2nd, 2006 10:11 pm (UTC)
I also shelled out for Creep, and was bitterly dissappointed.
It's all the more painful because it's damaging the British Film
Industry. Over the last few years Britian has done some absolutely
dreadful horror movies.

The Descent being a prime example. Woeful, utterly woeful.
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