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New Music 2006: Part 1

All this week the BBC News website is looking at some of the bands/performers expected to 'break through' in 2006. They have done this for the last couple of years and some of the bands previously mentioned have shot from obscurity to become household names so the rundown is not something to be dismissed. bands such as The Kasier Chiefs, Franz Ferdinand, Scissor Sisters, Bloc Party, Keane, 50 Cents, The Audio Bully's and KT Tunstall have all featured in the list in previous years for instance.

Anyway I will be noting the acts here along with my comments to the ones I know. They are publishing one name each day Monday through Friday this week. On Friday the 'Top Ten' will be listed. The list has been compiled by polling over 100 music critics and broadcasters.

I've only heard a couple of Guillemots tunes to date and have quite enjoyed both. The members of the band come from a variety of countries (England, Scotland, Canada and Brazil) and from a diverse range of music influences and backgrounds. The music they play represnts this and can be quite experimental at times - bordering on a charming alternative indy/pop/rock sound and accompanied by some very good songwriting. The forthcoming album is already being touted as a possible Mercury Winner and I wouldn't at all be surprised to see them as a nomination. Good band and one I think you'll hear a lot more of in 2006. Sound of 2006: Guillemots (BBC News Online; Monday 2nd January 2006)

Plan B
Plan B is actually an east London 22-year old called Ben Drew. He's been touted as Englands answer to Eminem and is signed to the same record label as The Streets. His sound does share some of The Streets qualities too but I've only heard one of his tracks so far as he's been championed recently by MTV2's Gonzo. I will admit the video is incredibly good but I'm less keen on the music. It's catchy and may become a grower but I have something against a lot of the English Rap music (or 'Grime' as I believe it's called???). I think it's the very English street accents that are used to portray it. The songs are very much inspired by living and growing up in the worst areas of Britain and deal alot with rape, murder, drugs and underage sex. They may be shocking but they carry alot of messages and portray a startling reality of a Britain that many of us, thankfully, never get to see. I do agree that Plan B will be a break-through artist here in the Uk in 2006 but I don't think he'll be one that I'll be particularly paying any attention to......although saying that he does mention Pokemon cards in one of his songs....:p Sound of 2006: Plan B (BBC News Online; Tuesday 3rd January 2006)

Epilogue Part 1
Just as an aside to the above, I'll be interested to see if 'Protocol' get mentioned in the Top Ten. They are the band which includes one of my housemates x's in and their current video is getting quite a bit of airplay on the music channels in the last week. They've also been touted by some of the channels as one of the crop of the 'Next Big Thing' so maybe they'll make the cut. Either way it'll be interesting to see how they progress knowing a bit of the history of band over the last couple of years and also the brother and ex of one of the bands members....


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