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Friday Review: Inferno

(Rewind) So Friday night. Off to the Worlds End followed by a trip to Inferno at the Electric Ballroom. High hopes for the club as I used to really enjoy Full Tilt and nothing has been able to replace it since it closed just under two years ago. We've been promised a mix of songs similiar to the old club so here's hoping....

Anyway, at The Worlds End I was joined by Dave K, Dave W, Caroline, Andy R, Katie, Matt, Melissa and Cressida for a few drinks and chats. It was nice to see everyone, even if the music was fairly loud, and the drinks certainly flowed nicely :p

Only Andy, Katie, Matt and myself continued on to Inferno as the others were eitehr heading to other clubs or retiring because they're old and past it (hehe...).

Inferno certainly kicked off in a promising vein...Sisters of Mercy, Depeche Mode and Nine Inch Nails greeted me upon entering. Saw a lot of familiar faces from the old Ballroom days and the club filled out pretty nicely so I suspoect it was certainly a success in the managements eyes as well as most of the clubbers.

The music shifted away from the Goth/Industrial after a while into the more Techno/EBM spectrum. Danced away to CombiChrist and Covenant and generally enjoyed the tunes although I started to wish for a bit of a mix after a while (plus some of the tunes they played were certainly odd choices - Bodyrockers, Gwen Steffani???). Unfortunatelky by the time the mix changed back to Joy Division, Bauhaus, etc I'd already started to flake and my throat was starting to play up fairly badly so it was home time for me.

Also caught up with Rob, Donia, Karen, and a whole bundle of others including Harry (an old friend and former housemate) who's over from New Zealand for a few weeks!

Inferno was a mixed success. I certainly feel it has potential but it still needs to mix the music a bit better allowing people not to start getting bored if the set isn't their scene. A good mix of Goth/Industrial/EBM/etc is very doable and I'll certainly return to check it out again. Quite pleased it is only once a month at present though as that should get most of the crowd there so you'll be guaranteed to catch familiar, and old, faces.

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