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Sunday Workings....

I may have mentioned this in past entries but one of the things I really enjoy about working on Sundays is the fact that I can just yank up the stereo's volume and blitz paperwork to some good tunes.

I raided some of my favourite CDs from the past twelve months to bring in today and I must say that the last year or so has produced some amazing new msuic. Anyway, today so far has brought me the audio delights of The Subways, The Dead 60's, Arcade Fire and (currently) Fischerspooner. Roll on the next few hours and also, hopefully, another year full of great new tunes and musical discoveries....

(I will get round to posting my comments on the BBCs Top Ten New Talent of 2006 when I get a chance. It surprised me a bit as I ended up not knowing as many of the bands as I thought I would - and left out some bands that I reckon will break through! Hmm....:p)

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