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Well that's one way..... start a three day break.

I've just had the longest sleep for months. I usually work on about 6 hours sleep. Fell asleep at around 1.30/2am last night after reading 'Memoirs of a Geisha' (which has come out at the cinema today so I have to try and finish the book within the next couple of weeks so i can catch the film whilst it's still on!) and, apart from turning off my alarms at 8.30/9am, I slept right through to almost midday! Almost 10 hours of sleep! I can't believe it and certainly hadn't felt that tired!!!

Anyway, I now start three days off. Today, now that I am awake, is a day of work at home. I have some final editting to do and also some clearing up/sorting out of 'Angus junk'. Tonight Sarah is popping over as we've not seen each other this year and the Christmas present she brought me has finally arrived so I can have that. We'll probably watch a dvd and I may either cook or order out for some grub depending on times.

Tomorrow is my 'day of friends' (hopefully). I'm hoping to go for lunch and a movie with one friend and then off to B-Movie in the evening for their "80's Special Night". Be good to see some of you down there too if any of you are free and in London!

Saturday is a rather vague day at present but I'm reckoning it will be a combination of trying to catch anotehr film at the cinema (a load of films have come out this week that I want to see!), some more work and also some computer game playing if I get a chance to set-up my new toy :p

Then back to work for me on Sunday! Can't believe I have a whole THREE days off in a trot. What's gone wrong with me???? :D

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