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This Mornings Letterbox Collection....

included the following CDs:

The Magic Numbers - The Magic Numbers
Audio Bullys - Generation (featuring the very good 'Shot You Down' sampling Nancy Sinatra)
KanYe West - Late Registration (which includes the absolutely amazing track 'Diamonds From Sierra Leone' amongst others plus has the best front cover of the three CDs delivered today!)

Already played selected tracks from all three albums and enjoyed them all. Of course the real test will come when I play the entire CD. One thing that has apparently surprised a number of people is the diversity of my musical tastes - well the above three are certainly very different types from each other for a start! - but I'm a music fan. There is music from all different genres that I love and I loathe. I may certainly be more 'alternative rock' in dress and style (what style I hear you cry! :p) but when the music is good it don't matter what the music is! :p

(Of course I also have a lot of cheesey/dubious music too so even when the music ain't good I might still like it. There's no accounting for taste I guess! ;p)

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