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Today was not the 'work' day I had planned. Largely due to the (ahem) oversleeping of the AM into almost the PM. Not good.

As such (well because the young lady I was going to hopefulyl be a cinema-going and luncheoning with tomorrow can't make it due to job interview) tomorrow will now be largely working and catching up with things. I still intend to try and get to the cinema to see either Jarhead or Brokeback Mountain tomorrow and the other on Saturday. I'm going to leave Memoirs of a Geisha for a week in the hope that I've finished the book by then as I really would prefer not to see the film whilst I'm still reading it!

Tomorrow nights B-Movie is most definetly still on for me. I'm gonna get down to some funky 80's rythmn.... er, something like that anyway. The Water Rats 8pm til 2am with Happy Hour between 8-10pm. Come along! I should hopefully be there for about 8.30/9ish and as most of my regular partners in crime can't make it tomorrow you're appearences will be all the more welcome! And as your appearences are generally really welcome you can be sure I'll be bursting and overflowing with welcomeness tomorrow!!!! :D

This evening I cooked myself a Korma and then watched Finding Nemo when Sarah come over. I saw Nemo at the cinema when it was out and it's a good little fun film.

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