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B-Movie, F**k kylie, Old Friends, and Jarhead

B-Movie was fab in it's 80's cheesey special. Glad I made it! :D

It was really good to catch up with a whole host of people - although I did spend most of the night chatting to Dom and Elaine and also Andy R!

Boogied on down to a few tracks but mainly seemed to chat/drink/smoke. Who can resist Alice Cooper's "Poison" though? I certainly never could!

Also F**KING KYLIE! She almost did it to me again tonight!

Last time B-Movie held an 80's night the first notes struck up to what I *thought* was Dead or Alives "You Spin Me Round" which is one of my most favourite 80's tracks. I bounce lots and exclaim to everyone that this is MY FSVOURITE 80's track and dive on to the dance floor only to discover a few seconds later it's Kylie's "Locomotion". Much embarassament (and a speedy retreat from said dancefloor) ensued. It *almost* happened again tonight. The tune started up and I though *Cool!!! :p* but held back any pronouncement or dancefloor invasion until I amde sure. And sure enough it was Locomotion again...grrr.... at least I didn't make a fool of myself this time. Stock, Aiken and Waterman have a lot to answer for.....

Anyway, fabbo night.

Also got home, switched on LJ, and found that a really old friend has friended me and has actually had an LJ for a few years! How on earth did I miss her??? Glad she's here though (Hi Izzy!) as I'd lost contact to her due to various email/phone changes.

The day was good afterall.

Oh yeah - I should add a PS. I saw Sam Mendes "Jarhead" today. It's a film about the Marines in the first Gulf War (ok, the first Gulf War of the 90's....). Apparently it didn't do very well in the States upon release and I can see why. It does not glorify the marines or the war at all and is a very good film - although that should be expected of Mr Mendes and several of the cast. It's a very different type of war film (it's not an "action" flick for starters) and I really enjoyed it and it had a really good soundtrack (School Report: B). May go and see Brokeback Mountain tomorrow but more likely to stay at home and try and get some work done. The last couple of days have not been productive one way or another....

Anyhow, goodnight fine readers. Till tomorrow......
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