Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

News Headlines and Apocalyptic Demon Hunter....

I know it's wrong but the first thing that came straight into my mind when I read the below news headline was "For the first time ever!" my second thought was "Wish he had when he was alive" (meaning awake as he is technically still alive at present).

Sharon 'showing brain activity' (BBC News Online; Sunday 15th January 2006)

Had a very weird dream last night where someone had accessed all the launch codes for Russia's nuclear arsenal and had launched them. The news come through whilst watching a football match (at work no less?) and then having a very resigned feeling waiting for about 5-8 minutes with Tony and Mike to see if London would be hit. There was nothing we could do so no point panicing or trying to hide. Sean wasn't working so he should have been safe and sound with his family and Keyvan left as soon as the announcement was made to try and get back to his wife (akthough that'd never happen in under ten minutes...). I remember looking at the sky and going to buy a few bottles of water just incase we survived the initial blast. The whole place was eerily quiet as most people just resigned themselves to waiting as it was such a short time. There was no point phoning as the mobiles were jammed and the landline was taken down. Strangely broadband was still working though as I managed to make a quick post saying thanks to everyone and hoping I'd be able to comment later if all went well. It was quite spooky.

My second dream had Melissa, Cressida and myself sitting on a wall in Barnet chatting and then deciding to go for a drink. Cressida (who was a kick-ass demon hunting) was having problems as she'd been forced into a demonic contract that was going to make her do something (think world-threatening) and I was determinded to defeat the demon and null the contract. I had some kind of weird secret base with both high-tech gadgets and lots of occult paraphenalia plus a team of people who worked with me. One was in a coma from an earlier mission (and had been apparently for about a year or more) who suddenly woke up to declare the world was going to end. This tied in with Cressida's problem. It was actually a really good action-thriller dream with lots of fire and brimstone, midgets, mother nature going haywire and badguy ass kicking. Needless to say we won at the end of the day - but not after a lot of trauma and destruction.

Phew. Who needs the cinema when you can dream....
Tags: dreams

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