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My life is the wrong way round.....

So, twice this week I've ended up staying up all night playing computer games. Once until 6AM and on the second occasion until 8AM.

I have the day off tomorrow and what am I doing? I'm having a quiet night in, haven't touched a computer game (actually that's a lie - I started loading it up and then cancelled it) and am preparing to snuggle up with a book and have 'an early night'.

This is a FRIDAY goddamnit!

Oh well, I have a crowd over tomorrow afternoon/evening for some board and card gaming fun. I'm thinking of pulling out some of the older classics (Junta and Kremlin spring to mind) as there's a few of us tomorrow.

Next week I'm going to have to get the 'early nights during the working week and late night partying at weekends' the right way round. OK, so I didn't have late nights 'partying' this week but I was up all night. Guess I have to include PARTYING in my schedule next week. Don't know if anything good is happening though... Question for you London alterny times - when's the next XTRO? Is that next Friday?

PS - No one won the Euromillions rollover draw this evening which means the estimated prize for the next draw (next Friday?) is £100,000,00. Yep, ONE HUNDRED MILLION POUNDS!!!!

I know some of the things I'd do with that if I won! :)

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