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Limbo - A Place for Lost Souls and the Demonic.....

I had one of the most stunning and interesting dreams yet last night.

I'm not sure what you'd call it. It had a lot of elements of 'horror' in it but it wasn't a scarey dream from my pov. It was a kind of cross between Hellraiser, the RPG imagery of Kult and the X-Files. I think I was the same 'dream character Angus' that I was in my dream last weekend when I went demon hunting/world saving.

In last nights episode I had to die first to get to where I needed to be. Now I'm awake I'm not entirely sure of my goal but it may have been to either track down and 'help along' one of the residents living in Limbo or to try and find a missing person who'd passed over and got stuck there.

Either way the characters/creatures/situations/imagery of the dream were fantastic and very immersive.

The world of Limbo (I'm calling it Limbo now although I don't think that's what it was called in the dream - I can't recall hearing a name) was very similiar to the one we walk in every day. Only it is co-inhabitated by races of what we'd call demons as well as 'lost souls'. The lost souls are victims of premature death before their time - be it through accident, suicide or murder - some of these lost souls are aware of their plight whilst others still believe they are alive. It is a partway point that many visit on their way to 'elsewhere' but many seem to get trapped here or eventually sold into servitude and taken to their new owners domain.

The dream was very dark and gritty (think Angel Heart) on the whole. Things were messy, damp, slightly decaying in areas. I remember one scene early on when I'd just arrived when I was using the toilets in some sort of 'waiting lounge' - similiar to that of an airport (and there were hundreds of them - it was one damn big 'kinda airport'). The toilets walls were this sort of sickly off-yellow whilst the floor was alternately white and brown tiles with a sheen of water (and gunk) overlaying it. The cubicles themselves were an awful affair as was the stench in the whole toilet area. Obviously being an entry point for those 'recently deceased' there were some very interesting characters there who hadn't managed to discover their ability to heal there mortal wounds as yet and start looking 'whole' again or transfigured into a new form they wished to adopt for their time in Limbo (humans apparently had a limited control over there appearence in Limbo. Many choose to copy the shape they had had on Earth, some decided - or more likely never mastered shifting - to retain the form they had upon death on Earth, whilst others mastered the ability to shape they form into something else entirely. This last one sometimes made it hard to know if they were a lost soul or a true demon which caused a few complications later in the dream.

The dream went on from there into a scenes involving open-air market places with high clocktowers at the side of the square, a young woman who refused to acknowledge her death who needed to accept it or be trapped in Limbo and sold to a particularly ruthless demon lord, and a shanty town for those 'lost souls' who had become so morose over their plight that even the demon inhabitants of Limbo had become so bored of their wailings that they exiled them to an even more squallid area outside of the main city which seemed to exist in eternal night next to a very foul and dark river in which resided somekind of fierce crocodile-type species that roamed the shanty town every evening to devour it's citizens. These citizens - who you would have thought would be happy to finally die - unfortunately awoke in their squallor again a few hours later with the wounds they'd received from the bites burning. A burning that would last hours amd usually only just started fading before the next croc attack.

There was also one scene I remember very well which included a child who probably wasn't older than one. She couldn't walk as yet but had mastered crawling. The kid was looking through a glass conservatory door from her living room looking out at the 'real world' (there were places in Limbo that could still 'rub shoulders' with our own physical world). I don't know if it was her old garden back home or what but she sat by the door giggling at the antics of a cat (cats could tell when citizens of Limbo were there and I even saw cases where they could briefly cross over the borders, I'm guessing this was a reasonably regular occurence as the demons paid them no attention although the cats usually drew a lot of attention from the recently arrived lost souls - dogs on the other hand could obviously detect Limbo as seen through their barking and general aggitated state but would never come near the place or its inhabitants). You could also see in the garden some black shapes moving around. Now whether this was the residue image of the live humans who lived there that we - from Limbo - could not see clearly (as you would a ghost from this world) - or something else I can't recall.

Anyway, plenty of other things happened including me somehow managing to bring a live human mother/father over into a nicer area of Limbo to see their daughter whom they'd lost six months earlier. She managed to tell them where her body could be found thus assisted them (and the police) to finally track and catch her killer and the meeting in general helped ease both sides and - with my reassurance that the girl would now be able to go to a much nicer place both sides were happier at the end of the meeting - to the extent that the girl could make the transition to wherever she was heading.

Fantastic dream and this probably goes up there with my post-apocalyptic Wizard of Oz, weird 'deep south' gypsy end-of-the world detective tale and a few of the others as one of my favourites so far.
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