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Dream Locations

There are some locatons that exist within my dreams that I return to every so often. Sometimes only days apart, sometimes years apart.

Some of these locations are very mundane and others are incredibly fantastical or spiritual.

One of my regular 'dream' haunts is a pub in the countryside. The pub is on the main street in the village and the village at various points has had both bus and train links into London. I've visited this pub three of four times in the last year when I went there last night I found that half the pub was cordoned off for refurbishment. Large white chipboard planks had been erected partway up the bar and blocked off most of the lounge area. Thus I spent the night at the bar with mooncadet drinking and chatting but unable to play pool.

Does anyone else have reoccurring locations in their dreams?

Has anyone ever experienced one of those locations actually undergoing refurbishment? I have no idea what it all means but I look forward to my next visit to see what has changed!

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