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...Similar Items Found

Ok, you know when you loose an Ebay auction you get an email kindly informing you that you didn't get that 'must buy' bit of utter tat you were bidding on. Yes? Good. Then you'll also know that they list similar items that you may be interested in.

Still with me? Good.

Well, can anyone tell me what the following have got in similar interest to Return to Innsmouth (Cthulhu Film) that I was bidding on.

The matches I was given as alternatives are the following:

Lord of the Rings - Return of the King Film Cell
Smee In A Boat From Disney's Return to Neverland MIB
McDonalds Return to Neverland, Hook MIP
Corgi Film Back To The Future Car & Figure MIB
Oscar Film Stars Rise to Fame, Vintage Game
Full Set of My Word First Steps To Reading Books A-Z


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