Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

(Meme) 5 Guilty Pleasures......

Tagged by zombichicken

5 Guily Pleasures......

1. Nutella - I'll start off with this although Alexandre also had this on top of his list. But it is SO true. The bastard also reminded me when he did this meme that I had brought a pot of it the previous day and it was unopened and waiting. Needless to say that within 24 hours it was all gone. Nutella is evil. Those of you who have heard of it will understand. Those of you who have not count your blessings and don't go looking for it.

2. Late night drinking and cuddles - Unfortunately I don't do much (re: any) of this anymore. But maybe one day. It was certainly fun having really close friends of the opposite sex that you could just hand out with, get mildly (re: pretty) drunk with and end up just having a cuddle and chatting nonsense whilst also putting the world to rights. Doing this just reminds me how much I miss certain people.

3. Comics - I'm not sure if I could call myself a comics fan anymore. I still get a couple of titles each month, and still pick up various graphic novels, but it's been a long time since I had a 25-30 titles per month habit. Should really sell alot of my backissues (I literally have thousands in storage). But I love comics and superheroes in general. In another life I would have tried to become a comic book writer. The things I'd have done if I was in control of the X-Men circa #220 (The Fall of the Mutants)!!!!

4. Porn. Not sure if it's so guilty but it's certianly something most people don't talk about much. I'm a fan though.

5. Friends - the American TV series. This may surprise some people but I love it. I own the lot of video and have started picking them up on DVD. I find them very funny and can easily watch them over and over again.

Right, now it's my time to tag 5 people. Sosnesgirl glaelia miramanga angelalyce and mrmarc - the stage is all yours if you haven't already done this one!

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