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The hours roll forever by...

Tonight feels so late, yet it's not even 11pm.

I've also had a more melancholy mood settle over me which isn't making the evening seem any younger.

I miss some very close friends. Wish they were here or I could at least speak to them and know they are well and happy.

May retire for an early night and hope to wake up early and refreshed. Need to wake early tomorrow in anycase as I need a shave before work as I'm starting to go 'viking'. As much as I can - it takes me forever to grow anything resembling a beard. In fact I don't think I've ever had anything that could be remotely considered 'beardy' :p

The shop has some special guests in-store tomorrow (Mr Steve Jackson (US), Phil Masters and Genevieve Cogman with the possibility of someone else making a pitstop between plane flights....) and I want/need to be there. Plus I had a luncheon date planned.

Fingers crossed for tomorrow then. I think I'm going to have a very quiet one this weekend (especially if my foot carries on playing up). Would be good I guess as I have plenty of work to do and if I can't get motivated then I have plenty of movies/tv serials on dvd to watch that I haven't seen yet. Plus a weekend in will save me some money for my Vegas/Hollywood trip and also for some publishing.

Night night LJ-land. May your dreams be sweet...

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