Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Hamas en route to surprise victory

The problem with democracy is that it allows people to vote the way they want.

That's why Hamas (a militant Palestinian political group considered a terrorsit organisation by Israel, the US and the EU) looks almost certainly about to win the Palestinian elections over the more moderate Fatah party.

This is a show of democracy in action but will Israel, the US or the EU accept this result and open dialogue with the new government of the Palestinian people?

I know where I'd put my money.

People have to accept democracy for what it is - even if certain countries and people don't like the outcome. You can't pick and choose. Sometimes results won't go in your favour - well that, I'm afraid, is life.

The people have spoken.

(I actually think winning this election is not in the interest of Hamas. This is the first time they have contested the election and I think they'd have been a lot happier with a strong opposition block. It would have allowed them valuable time to get to grips with what running a country (or a hopeful emerging country) is like and would have allowed them more time in the eyes of the people. Once they take over they are in charge and that means learning to run before they have learnt to walk. Any failures the new government makes may be seen with great disappointment by the people. At present Hamas does have a lot of ground support (they wouldn't have won the election if they didn't) but they need to turn that into positive action for their people and increase the standard of living as well as try to bring about a longer lasting peace. The otehr problem of course is the raection of the Israeli people as they go to the polls later this year to elect a new leader too. Hamas' victory may inspire more militant elements within Israel.)

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