Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

ID Cards.....

Transsexuals 'To Get 2 ID Cards' (BBC News Online; Monday 30th January 2006)

Schizophrenics 'To Get 9 ID Cards' - one for each personality. Some may get less, some way more, as long as they pay the cash for each unique identity! Not to do so would also be against the law as you have to be registered so mentally ill patients will certainly be harder hit than the rest of us! Also LARPers will be required to carry multiple ID Cards if you play in public places. Of course this could also open your gaming partners to a world of pain if they kill your character as technically that'll be murder in the eyes of the law.


I didn't like the idea of ID Cards in the first place and it's pretty much been proven by both independent and peer review groups that the scheme won't have helped at all in preventing terrorist activity in the UK (which was one of the core things it was being touted for), a lot of unneccessary information would be held about the person and it will be bloody expensive and just not worth it.

I think the whole thing sucks even more now. Not that I don't think Transexuals shouldn't be allowed 2 ID cards (if they really want to pay double!) but where would it stop? I am very tempted to knock up a fake HTML BBC news story similiar to the Whale spoof that went round last week but don't think I have the time today.

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