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Well, I finally have a night in after a very enjoyable weekend and start of the week. I think I've had more fun in the last few days than in quite a while. It's nice to hang out with a good group of friends and just chill and ejoy each others company. I hope more 'chilling' will take place more often ;-p

Friday saw a trip to the Ballroom. Loads of people were down there including quite a few faces that I've not seen in a while. It was great to see Charlotte (sea-cucumber), Neil (Satyrica), and others again. It was also the first outing of the 'house-to-be' with both Dave and Sasha making appearences. The club was having one of it's better musical nights as well (sometimes it can be really rank....) which no doubt helped the atmosphere. Oh, I had been drinking since about 5pm as well so that might be another beneficial factor?

Anyway, Daz, Becki and Ines all ended coming back and crashing at the flat. I'm not sure when we finally turned in but it was late enough that breakfast was well into lunch! After the traditional post-ballroom greasy-fry-up we ended up back in a pub until fairly late afternoon gate-crashing Dave and Dom's meeting about SLA Industries. I'm sure they didn't mind too much though.

Saturday night was a couple of friends joint-24th birthday parties with a Fairy Tale Fancy Dress Theme. It was alright and my little sister came along too - as a Gelfling out of Dark Crystal. I was a post-modern Little Red Riding Hood (in black cloak and gas-mask - don't ask) and Dave went as, erm, Dave. The majority of people did dress up though which was a pleasent surprise.

Sunday activities were perhaps arranged to start a bit too early in the day for me. I was in Leicester Square metting people by mid-day and then we (Daz, Becki, Ines, Dom, Elaine, Ronnie and Eleanor - so quite a posse) saw 'American Splendour' at the Curzon. Good film although I will admit I had no idea what to expect of it as I'd not heard a thing about it previously apart from it was about a guy who wrote comics. The rest of the afternoon was spent in everyone's incredibly enjoyable company chatting away about everything under the sun and quite a few things that people wished weren't. Then the evening saw me meeting up with the lovely Bug for an Indian and a double-bill of 'Gangs of New York' and 'Minority Report'. Another late night or more accurately early morning!

Anyway, just realised I'm pretty much just writing away quite meaninglessly and you probably haven't made it this far so I guess I should stop now. I'd like to say thanks to everyone that I've been around this weekend as it was truly a great weekend made so by the company I had.

A good contrast to the way I was feeling a couple of weeks ago anyway :-)

All I have to now do is wait for my next emotion-rollercoaster-reversal!

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