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She's In Parties....

I went and saw Bauhaus this evening down at Brixton Academy. I was vaguely thinking about missing it due to my throat still not being 100% but then I thought f**k it and went anyway. You only live once and all that...

This is actually the second time I've seen bauhaus live as I was lucky enough to catch them back in '98 when they did a reunion tour. They were absolutely fantastic back then and, I'm very pleased to say, eight years later they are still fantastic live. I missed the very beginning of the set this evening as I arrived at the venue a bit late but I still managed to catch about 1hr40 of the set, which included loads of the old favourites and my favourite - She's In Parties. They even covered "Transmission" by Joy Divison which was stunning - and quite amusing watching Pete Murphy mimmick Ian Curtis' erratic dancing style.

I'm so glad I went and after reconfirming Bauhaus as one of my all time favourite acts I now can't wait to see what the new album is going to be like when they finally get round to releasing it. It'll be there first in about 23 years so God knows what it'll actually sound like!

The Brixton gig was also utterly rammed. It'd sold out ages ago and the guest list was even suspended a few weeks back due to the demand. Just goes to show there are still a hell of a lot of goths out there somewhere!



Feb. 4th, 2006 05:36 pm (UTC)
Changed. My one pint of cider obviously had mind-altering effects on me. Which is even odder because Transmission is probably my favourite Joy Division track!

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