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Time to Boycott The Welsh!

Paper Pulped Over Muhammed Image (BBC News Online; Tuesday 7th February 2006)

I can understand the Islamic countires boycotting Danish Imports (afterall, what does Denmark export apart from bacon?) but this is getting out of hand. The western papers just need to grow up and stop being purposefully abusive and the Islamic agitators that are fanning the flames around the world also need to get a life. If the images were recent I'd understand the fuss a bit better but for something published about 5 months ago to cause this much fuss and attention now obviously means that there is another agenda behind it.

On the matter of the protests here in London. I certainly don't agree with some of the slogans being bandied around but can certainly accept the 'fancy dress' costumes. I thought the excuse given by the guy that apologised for wearing a suicide bombers costume was perfectly fair. He wanted to create the distress and disgust that the Muslim world felt towards the cartoons within the 'Western' world. By dressing up as a terrorist (acts which he condemns) he caused uproar and anger. Job done. Now you have a vague feeling as to how devout Muslim's felt when hearing about the cartoons (after all - hardly any have actually 'seen' the cartoons).

As a friend (himself a Muslim) pointed out, Islam is a young religion (the youngest of the three Judo-Christian faith) and whereas the Christians went through a tough period of reidentification and uproar during the time of the Crusades Islam is now facing an identity crisis within itself with various views pulling in different directions. Also, now that the threat of the 'Red Menace' has pretty much disappeared with the collapse of the Soviet Union, the western world needs to find a new 'threat'. Islam, for whatever reason, has been chosen as this threat (quite wrongly I feel).

The problem with choosing a religion over a state or political ideology is that religions tend to breed much more 'convicted' devotees. If someone made a rude characture of Stalin or Mao their followers would not be a disgusted as someone who is Christian/Muslim/Jewish would be by a rude characture of their God.

Many people generally have a sense of humour. I have, as yet, to found anyone who is a real devout convert of any religion who has the same degree of humour when it comes to their faith.

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