Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

The Perils of Flying..... (Hopefully Part 1 of 1)

When I usually fly to Vegas I usually fly 'VIA' Los Angeles anyway so my forthcoming trip would have been quite easy and only involving a minimal amount of airplanes.

Not this time though when I actually WANT to stay in LA for a few days. This time I'm having a stop over in Toronto GOING to Vegas and in MOntreal RETURNING to London. Not that I mind too much as it'll allow me to stretch my legs a bit between flights but take-off and touch-down are generally the trickiest moments in flights (although personally I find the tedium of sitting in the same place with nothing really to do alot more taxing) and with my record of flying achievments (one plane crash, one plane struck by lightning mid-flight, and a couple of very bad landings) I generally prefer to keep my flights to the bare minimum.

Add on to this a possible helicopter/light aircraft trip over the Gran Canyon whilst I'm in Vegas and you may not be hearing from me again after mid-March!!! :p

EDIT - Actually ignore me. I've just counted my flights and it's only actually one flight more than usual. Ptah. I'll shut up now....

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