Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson


Thought about updating today but have decided against it. Tonight is my third gig in three nights (The Dead 60's and The Kooks) and I'm working today and tomorrow. Just found out that after the gig I have the option of watching a furtehr four bands until about 3am. Hmm....might give that a miss given my day tomorrow (and another gig tomorrow night).

Goldfrapp were (once again) very good. I may (or may not) write up a review of all the gigs at the same time once I have a free evening. I think I'm taking a breather on Monday.

My head is starting to get back into the place I want it to be in. This is good and hopefully means I'll start being mroe productive. Until then I'll drown my sorrows with loud music and the occasional drink.

Strangely enough still have impared hearing. Have to get to the docs next week if that keeps up. Just need my ears to 'pop' as I can generally hear fine - the pressure's just wrong.

Anyway, still not writing an update today. Honest.


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