Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

3 Bottles of Wine, 1 Bottle of Whiskey, An Indian and Too Many Fags.(Cigarettes to you New Worlders)

Had a fairly unhealthy evening all be told (as if the title of this post hadn't given that one away!).
It was fun though. I headed over to the lovely Bugs as we haven't seen each other for weeks and both decided it was time to stop our self-imposed exiles of each others company. 'Twas good seeing the young girl again and much chatting was done (inbetween downing the three bottles of white wine, some whiskey (wasn't a whole bottle and it was also slightly watered down so it's not as impressive as the title sounds - so sue me over false advertising!), a brilliant take-away Indian meal and not enough fags as we ran out (although too many as we really shouldn't have smoked as many as we did!).
The big problem both of us have though is that when we are together we seem to be able to drink vast quantities of alcohol and not get drunk. I'm pretty much stone cold sober and so was she (more or less) when I left. This happens more often than not with us. What gives???

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