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New Nouvelle Vague Album Track Listing

Nouvelle Vague are releasing a brand new album this year (yay!). As older readers will know I am a massive fan of Nouvelle vague and there music. They are a French band that combine the lyrics of English 'New Wave' tracks with the music of Brazillan 'New Wave' (Samba-esque) and the vocals of French 'New Wave' (easy listening female vocals). I was pretty dubious when I was first told about them but after istening to their debut album I was in love. I think I've managed to convert everyone I've played it to as well so it's appeal goes beyond me :p

Anyway, the new album will cover the following:


1. BAUHAUS : bela lugosi's dead (Phoebe)
2. BUZZCOCKS : ever fallen in love (Melanie&camille)
3. BLONDIE : heart of glass (Gerald Toto)
4. ESG : moody (Gerald Toto)
5. A CERTAIN RATIO : shack up (Phoebe)
6. TC MATIC : putain putain (Camille)
7. THE SOUND : escape myself (Phoebe)
8. VISAGE : fade to grey (Marina)
9. ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN : killing moon (Melanie)
10. LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH : dance with me (Melanie)
11. U2 : pride (Paula Bird)
12. THE WAKE : o pamela (Marina)
13. HEAVEN 17 : let me go (Silja )
14. NEW ORDER : blue Monday (Melanie )
15. NEW ORDER : confusion (Birdpaula )
16. YAZOO : don't go (Gerald Toto)
17. BILLY IDOL : dancing with myself (Phoebe)
18. SIOUXSIE & BANSHEES : israel (Gerald toto )
19. THE CRAMPS : human fly (Phoebe )
20. BLANCMANGE : waves (Marina)
21. FGTH : relax (Camille and Gerald toto)
22. SUICIDE : ghost rider (Phoebe)
23. DEXY'S MIDNIGHT RUNNERS : come on eileen (sandra n'kake)
24. THE GUN CLUB : sex beat (Phoebe)
25. GRAUZONE : eisbaer (Marina)

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