Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Smoking To Be Totally Banned in Clubs & Pubs......

Smoking Ban In All Pubs And Clubs (BBC News Online; Tuesday 14th February 2006)

Looks like England is not a place to be a smoker from the summer of 2007. They are also consdering putting up the minimum age allowed to buy cigarettes from 16 to 18 - not that that will actually do anything to stop kids getting hold of cigarettes!

I personally think a total smoking ban is a bad idea whilst tobacco is legal. If you really want to tackle the issue just ban tobacco altogether - oh, of course you can't can you because the tax it brings in for government is just too good.....

I believe that a partial ban should have been brought in. I believe that clubs and pubs should have needed to apply for a 'smokers' license that would allow them to have people smoking on their premises. That way people would have a clear choice and would be able to make up there own minds about the issue. The smokers would still be able to go out and socailise whilst having their nicotine fix and the non-smokers could decide to go to a smoke-free pub/club and not come home smelly like a sweaty used ashtray.

Private Clubs should have been exempt altogether.

In my own smokers news I have managed to cut back considerably. I haven't had a cigarette at work, or at home, for a few weeks now and am only smoking (a few) when I am out at a gig, bar or club. I'm glad I've managed to cut back (I say 'cut-back' at most I was on about 2-4 on non-club/gig days!) as I used to only be a very occasional smoker and over the last year or two it had crept up to an almost daily routine. I don't plan to give up altogether but if I go down to a handful a week or month then I'll certainly be a lot happier.

I still don't agree with a total ban though.

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