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Mobile Phone Woes....

My Motorola V635 has brought it. Or rather I decided to put it out of its misery. I was trying to wait until my next free upgrade (which is within the next six weeks I believe/hope) but it had other ideas on the subject.

Basically all the phone calls I've received on it today (and surprisingly I've been fairly popular - although mainly trying to sort out a new cleaner as my old one has just left - which is a shame as she was damn good, but I digress...) have rung and then when I've answered them I can't hear a bloody thing. No sound at all (and yes, I had my sound switched on thank you...). The callers can apparently hear me so I took to saying I'd ring them back (which was a bit tricky when I had a couple of 'Private Calls' early, still don't know who that was from as I asked them to text and I'd call straight back...ho hum).

Anyway, having a mobile phone that you can't actually talk to anyone through seemed a bit pointless. So I've dug out my old Sony Ericsson and plugged it in the wall for some juice. Unfortunately it has meant that any text's I had stored have now gone and it also looks like several of the numbers in my phone book have vanished in the transistion too - and I did import my SIM - so not sure what happened there.

I also just received two texts that were apparently sent yesterday so I'm guessing there are a few delays occuring in regards to the phone. Hope the Ericsson will hold out until upgrade time....


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Feb. 15th, 2006 06:28 pm (UTC)
I hope you're going to recycle it rather than just throw it in the bin...
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