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Of the weekend, Aeon Fluxx, The Strokes and The Long Blondes....

So, I didn't make it to The Magic Numbers last night. mooncadet was feeling a bit tender (and I'll admit not to feeling the best at the time either) so we ended up just grabbing a bottle of wine and heading over to hers were we spent the evening chatting and watching Raising Arizona. I've seen bits of it across the years but this was the first time I've seen the whole thing in one sitting. Pretty good stuff.

I went and saw Aeon Flux this morning which I actually enjoyed. I don't know if that was partially because I wasn't expecting a lot from it (some people of my f-list have been rather negative about it) but I liked the look of the trailer and the film was good fun. Good action, some interesting fashion, some nice effects, etc. Kept me happy in anycase and I reckon I'll end up picking it up *eventually* on DVD. School Report : B-


This evening I'll be meeting up with mooncadet again in about an hour to go and see The Strokes. I've not seen them since Reading Festival 2001 when they were reasonably fresh-faced. I felt sad for Delphine at the time though as she really wanted to see them and went to the tent they were supposed to be playing at. But due to the demand of people wanting to see them the organisers had moved them to the main stage. So there was I wandering about the place only to discover that The Strokes were starting up and then not being able to find Delphine again until after they'd finished the set (and apparently Delphine had seen a band that weren't so good whilst keeping waiting for The Strokes wondering why they were so late - poor thing). Anyway, The Strokes have come along way since then so we'll see what they're like tonight.

I'm working on both Saturday and Sunday this weekend (again). Saturday night is currently planned for a quiet one and Sunday I believe I'll be playing host to scimon as he's down from Scotland for a works course (or something?) starting on Monday. I've actually got a couple of passes for The Cribs gig at The Astoria on Sunday night. The only band I want to see though is The Long Blondes (some of you may remember my link to one of their songs back at the beginning of December/late November) who are first on the bill at about 7pm. The other support are The Automatic and Giant Drag. I may try and grab Simon for the first band before heading out for food/drinks then back to mine for DVDs or a game of something.

Then it's Monday and the cycle begins anew....

Next weekend is our annual Stock Check on the Sunday (groan) and I'm supposed to be going out drinking on the Saturday night with Irish people which never bodes well.....

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