Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Donnie Darko, Aeon Flux, The Strokes....

1) I'm sure a number of you have it already but the Directors Cut of Donnie Darko is being given away free tomorrow in The Sunday Times (I'm pretty sure the advert was for The Times - double check first though as it may have been The Telegraph...).

2) Just saw a trailer for Aeon Flux on telly and the voiceover is completely wrong! In the tariler it says she was the governments best assassin and is now working against them because they killed her sister!?! This is not what happens in the film at all. There is never any mention, or even suggestion, that she was once a government agent! The writer for this trailer must have completely ignored the actual film and I'm really surprised no one picked up on it!!!!

3) I saw The Strokes last night and I will have to admit my opinion of them live hasn't changed too much. When I originally saw them I thought 'so-so' and last night they reaffirmed my opinion of them live. I like the records but I reckon I won't bother catching any more of their live shows. Most of the tracks sounded out of sync, some of them sounded out of key and the only songs which they really performed well were the various singles they've had (presumably because those are the ones they keep playing on their live PA's and on MTV/other TV shows). I was very disappointed they weren't better but some of the tracks did really rock. So a kind of 50/50 gig.

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