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The Morning After (The Long Blondes/Giant Drag/The Automatic)

I think I have transmorphed into a lightweight (what's this transmorphed? You always have been! - ED). I really didn't have all that much to drink at the gig last night, scimon had two cans more than me, but this morning my head is feeling *very* tender.

I mainly went to the show last night to see The Long Blondes who were the first band on of four and were also very good. But scimon and myself ended up sitting in the guest area drinking and watching the next two bands too. Giant Drag were very good (although the lead singer really couldn't be more than about 16 years old! We saw her afterwards in the guest area and this only reaffirmed our suspicions) but The Automatic were a bit poo - although they did get the crowd going. We left during The Automatic set as I'd already seen the headliners (The Cribs) last year and didn't rate them much. Instead we opted to return to my place, order pizza and ended up watching Final Destination 2 on telly with Jade and chatting.

I had a really nice evening but the morning after doesn't feel as perky.....

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