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City of Heroes CCG and Life....

Learnt to play City of Heroes CCG this evening as the regular games night was cancelled due to me being the only one out of the group of FIVE that isn't down with an illness or feeling generally grotty (I think they all caught it off me a couple of weeks ago....). scimon came over and we broke open some demo packs of the City of Heroes Card Game and then advanced onto a couple of decks he'd built. I must admit I enjoyed the game and have a horrible feeling I may purchase some in the not-too-distant future.

There's also the distinct possibility that life could become very interesting/busy in the near future if I can just pull my shit together and find out where much of my motivation has gone. The goods news is that some of that missing motivation has been returning in the last week (which I am very thankful for) but if any of you see the rest please either tell it to come home or let me know where it is so I can go and collect it.

Thank you and goodnight.

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