Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Out Drinking on a School Night....

Would love to write up a really good report of last night. I met quite a few new, and very nice (er, you calling them nice? Were you blind!?! - Ed), people. But I don't think I'm really able to atm (I wonder why "that" could be? - Ed) so you'll have to settle for this dross:

Tony (reverend2001) was in London signing a comics deal and then decided to kidnap me to help celebrate the launch of a new Marvel comic he's written as well as the first part of a Starship Troopers series. Well, that was the excuse anyway, personally I feel it was more of a 'I want to get pissed with a bunch of people' reason :p

Anyway, we got to a pub near Goodge Street at 5pm and kicked things off. Apparently the pub used to be used for a regular comic writers get-together "back in the day". I'm not entirely sure of everyone's names but there was a fair sized crowd chatting about life, comics and (recurring) Tony and Dave's sexual exploits when they were young! The later more so as (Tony in particular) got more and more pissed :p

Had a good chat with jonnynexus and met sarahx and several otehr people whose LJ' nicks I can't remember and will have to be reminded by Tony when/if he surfaces.

Slowly the gathering dissapated as the lighter weights fell by the wayside and eventually just left Tny, Dave, Abbey and myself. The pub wanted to kick us out. Tony wanted to chat up the cute French barmaid. After finally leaving the pub behind we somehow managed to convince ourselves to go to another drinking den. The Dev was mentioned but we ended up at The Cro Bar. With knowledge of having to open shop and generally be 'concsious' today I stayed for a drink and then managed to escape. God knows what time the others left. Tony certainly didn't make it back to Birmingham last night in any case! hehe...

It was a really great night. I have to thank Tony for inviting me along. It was nice to meet you and if my liver feels up to it I hope to see you again soon! To anyone else who was there who might end up reading this - please drop me a comment as it'd be nice to keep in touch. You guys rocked! :p

I'm now off for a nice cup of tea.

How rock n' roll am I?


(Oh....PS: Go and buy Tony's comic! Marvel Comics - Amazing Fantasy #18!! - There you go Tony, you can buy me that pint now...:p)

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