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In this installement.... Poltical Piss-Taking and Syriana Trip...

Seems to be the night of political satire in music and film.....

Thanks to wyrdo for this one - GAY BAR (Bush + Blair)

and to ian_wyrdness for this - CHENEY'S GOT A GUN (Cheney - as if that wasn't obvious enough...)

Spent the evening with ukmonty which was very pleasent seeing the old man again - and socially this time as opposed to gaming! Have to try and see him more often (which shouldn't really be 'that' hard as he only lives a few minutes away.....).

Also, if anyone out there in LJland would like to come to the Finchley VUE tomorrow morning to watch Syriana with myself and goldmoonrj it'd be great to see you. We're hitting the early performance (11.30AM start - meet us aound 11.20/25 if you're up for it and preferrably also leave a comment so I know to look out for you!!!)
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