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Photos!!! (aka - Angus has just learnt how to upload from his Digicam...)

Sometimes I'm amazed at just how easy tehconology is. I put things off because I keep telling myself I'm a luddit and "don't do tech". Then I try and 9 times out of 10 it's all fairly straight forward and easy.

Thus I have just uploaded the content of my Digital Camera onto my laptop, burnt the piccies onto a disc and then copies a few on to my PC. I can now take my DigiCam with me to the States in the knowledge that I can post piccies to you all whilst I'm away! (Wireless o=network willing of course...)

Anyway, here are three little piccies. One from last years Glastonbury Festival (pre-storm), one of Dave, Delphine and Jared in Paris last September and lastly one of me on the phone (for no apparent reason).


I'd also like to take this moment to say how impressed I'm am with the Auf der Maur CD and the new Mogwai CD which arrived this morning. Both are very, very good.

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