Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Chef departs from South Park! (+ Vegas again...)

Isaac Hayes has quit his role as the voice of Chef in South Park because of his objections to it's religous satire.

It seems that he felt it was fine to send up faiths such as Christianity, Mormons, Jews and Muslims but decided he didn't feel the same way when South Park decided to parody Scientology (his religion).

Shame as Chef was a really good character!

Hayes Quits South Park Over Faith
(BBC News Online; Tuesday 14th March 2006)

In other news, cocktails are bad. Need to be up in under 6 hours and I'm going to blame amanofhats and to a lesser extent muskrat_john for any hangover I may experience tomorrow.

Although thanks to Jason for a fantastic evening!

...and to think I was seriously contemplating an early night! :p

Also had a really nice meal at the Excalibur with Don from Chessex and a couple of his staff and also Tom Jolly (creator of WizWar amongst many other games). Have to say that food in Vegas is great. muskrat_john introduced me to a great lunch venue and on Sunday night Alex, Steve and Keith (WotC) had a very good meal at The Mirage.

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