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(Vegas) Still Alive....

I've actually lost track of the days I've been here, but Vegas kinda does that to you. It is an unreal place and when all you're doing is pretty much working all day and then drinking in the evenings (and still waking up at about 5am in the morning) things start blurring.

I've eaten out at different hotels each evening this week but it looks like I'll be staying in at The Riveria for food tonight. On Sunday we went to The Mirage, Monday saw us eating at Excalibur and last night a few of us went and scouted out Bally's - which is where the convention is being held next year.

Ballys is very nice (well, most things are nicer than The Riveria :p) and is also connected to Paris, Paris for even more choice of restaurants, rooms, etc. It's right on The Strip and more importantly (for us) it has bars that you can sit down in and just chat. The Riveria has a couple of bars but both are really engineered around gambling and don't have space available for general socialising - although we do that anyway.

It's been great getting to hang out with friends I only really see in the States. I wish, in some ways, I could come over to more US shows and catch up with people as I know I'll be missing them upon my return. Either that or they should move over to the UK :p

The show itself has been fairly good. There are some interesting things coming out and I've done a lot of talking/networking regarding various things that will hopefully come to fruitation - or at least leave us in the forefront of certain companies minds if they'd like to utilise our services. It does seem smaller than the last time I was here though (2004). I've pretty much completed the show floor already with only a few more companies to chekc out - and that was with me taking it easy today and having lunch (something I don't usually get a chance to do at these affairs). It's left me thinking that either:
1) I've just got a lot better at time management
2) I've missed a whole chunk out even though I've ticked them off my map
3) There really isn't a lot worth seeing this year

Anyway, Thursday is the last day of the convention and then on Friday I fly off to Los Angeles until Tuesday. Hopefully there I will have a bit of time to write more. I hope everyone back in good old Britain is having fun and taking care!

oh, for those at the show who are also reading this, we now have less than 24 hours to find a hooker cheaper than $37!.... and the two for one deal for $70 doesn't count! I'm sure a CCG can be made out of all the 'calling cards' that are handed out or left round the place!

We were almost tempted earlier to call a $37 hooker just to see what she was like! It'd be worth giving her the $37 and getting her to go away again just to see....

I know a couple of people this trip that have lost their 'Strip Club' virginity but luckily I'm still innocent. Going to a strip club to pay for girls to take off their clothes and talk to you just seems pointless to me. I'd rather have people talking to me (or taking their clothes off in front of me) because they'd like to as opposed to because they are being paid to. Apparently I am missing something though.

This show is knackering me out. Off for a shower, then some food and then some drink. Again for you readers currently in Vegas - I'll be at the Splash Bar later. Although when a few of the otehrs get back from their tarvels (John K, Alex and co) I might see if people want to decamp to the Peppermill's bar as that looked quite nice.


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Mar. 16th, 2006 10:54 am (UTC)
"Going to a strip club to pay for girls to take off their clothes and talk to you just seems pointless to me. I'd rather have people talking to me (or taking their clothes off in front of me) because they'd like to as opposed to because they are being paid to. Apparently I am missing something though."

Angus- you show a terrible appreciation for performance art.
You look at strip clubs purely as a source of titilation.
You should attend one of these fine establishments to understand the majesty and beauty of the art form of the 'pole dance'.

Pole dancing is a genuine skill; it takes these ladies months of dilligence and hard work to gain the skills to perform such balletic feats as the 'Grind Slide' and my fave- the sublime 'Pump Action Advance'.
Several thigh and back muscles have had to be specifically developed for such feats; and the injuries! Friction burns due to an ungreased pole are very real and usually very sore.

And yet, like ballet dancers, they ignore the pain and perform such sublime acts of artistic merit that one can only but show ones appreciation (culturally one must be aware that like ballet, pole dancing has its own cultural rules- with ballet for example one should not applaud while the dancer is still moving; with the dancing of the pole, one should only respond by a muted appreciated nod and the subtle placing of a ten-note within the dancers g-string).

Of course you may decide to forego the company of fellows and purchase a simple 'lap dance'. This is a wonderful event- a joyus celebration of the art form; for note, you are fobidden to touch/sniff the performer.

This means you must focus your eyes almost exclusivly upon the performance- ah, if only the levels of attention seen in lap dance joints were seen in Sadler's Wells!!! One enjoys the delicate skill the dancer uses to avoid actually coming into contact with yourself; very much like that Brazillian martial art, it is about the 'almost contact'. And at $20 a dance it is indeed a most favourable bargin given the current exchange rate.

As for the $37 hooker?
have SOME standards mate!
Mar. 16th, 2006 04:45 pm (UTC)
Don't worry Mark.
He wouldn't pay $37 for sex,
he just needs someone to keep an eye on his Ogame account when he's forced to leave the hotel! :-)

PS Angus - Any luck with getting my book off the Serenity guys yet? :-)
Mar. 16th, 2006 05:26 pm (UTC)
Jamie didn't have any with him but apologies profusely and said he'd make sure it is sent when he gets back.

Which I think was pretty much what we both suspected :p
Mar. 16th, 2006 08:36 pm (UTC)
No suprise there.
Thanks for asking though, any luck with Eden?
Mar. 17th, 2006 11:46 am (UTC)
Did you hear any rumours at the show concerning the situation with Guardians of Order? I havent heard from Mark McKinnon for a while and now I'm hearing rumours he's closing the door for good on his company. So what was the buzz concerning GoO at the show?
Mar. 17th, 2006 03:47 pm (UTC)
Hi, there was actually no news or buzz surrounding GOO at all at the show. I have no idea if they'll be wrapping up business or not. They weren't at the show and didn't seem to be being repped by anyone else - but that is no real indication as several companies didn't attend or have a presence.

Sorry. I will have an ask around when I'm back at home and in the office though.
Mar. 19th, 2006 02:50 pm (UTC)
Heh, the calling cards...I still have some of those from when I went there. They really are a lot like collectable cards, at least they were with me and my friends.

Strippers...wow, I knew some in Oklahoma City awhile back, and they do work hard. So I will agree with the first comment, but at the same time, those girls know why the guys are there, and perform accordingly.

They didn't get the job thinking that men would be going in there to see performance art, they went and got the job knowing that men just want to see some skin. Although, when I went there was a lot of appreciation from the crowd for some of the moves so the crowd did seem to catch on to how hard it was. (I was lucky, a girl I knew in high school was working there, spent two weeks without having to pay a cover, and the girls kept buying me achohol...man, maybe I should have stayed there longer!)

As for the $37 hooker...(Nevermind, I'm not touching that one... =o) )
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