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(Vegas) Still Alive....

I've actually lost track of the days I've been here, but Vegas kinda does that to you. It is an unreal place and when all you're doing is pretty much working all day and then drinking in the evenings (and still waking up at about 5am in the morning) things start blurring.

I've eaten out at different hotels each evening this week but it looks like I'll be staying in at The Riveria for food tonight. On Sunday we went to The Mirage, Monday saw us eating at Excalibur and last night a few of us went and scouted out Bally's - which is where the convention is being held next year.

Ballys is very nice (well, most things are nicer than The Riveria :p) and is also connected to Paris, Paris for even more choice of restaurants, rooms, etc. It's right on The Strip and more importantly (for us) it has bars that you can sit down in and just chat. The Riveria has a couple of bars but both are really engineered around gambling and don't have space available for general socialising - although we do that anyway.

It's been great getting to hang out with friends I only really see in the States. I wish, in some ways, I could come over to more US shows and catch up with people as I know I'll be missing them upon my return. Either that or they should move over to the UK :p

The show itself has been fairly good. There are some interesting things coming out and I've done a lot of talking/networking regarding various things that will hopefully come to fruitation - or at least leave us in the forefront of certain companies minds if they'd like to utilise our services. It does seem smaller than the last time I was here though (2004). I've pretty much completed the show floor already with only a few more companies to chekc out - and that was with me taking it easy today and having lunch (something I don't usually get a chance to do at these affairs). It's left me thinking that either:
1) I've just got a lot better at time management
2) I've missed a whole chunk out even though I've ticked them off my map
3) There really isn't a lot worth seeing this year

Anyway, Thursday is the last day of the convention and then on Friday I fly off to Los Angeles until Tuesday. Hopefully there I will have a bit of time to write more. I hope everyone back in good old Britain is having fun and taking care!

oh, for those at the show who are also reading this, we now have less than 24 hours to find a hooker cheaper than $37!.... and the two for one deal for $70 doesn't count! I'm sure a CCG can be made out of all the 'calling cards' that are handed out or left round the place!

We were almost tempted earlier to call a $37 hooker just to see what she was like! It'd be worth giving her the $37 and getting her to go away again just to see....

I know a couple of people this trip that have lost their 'Strip Club' virginity but luckily I'm still innocent. Going to a strip club to pay for girls to take off their clothes and talk to you just seems pointless to me. I'd rather have people talking to me (or taking their clothes off in front of me) because they'd like to as opposed to because they are being paid to. Apparently I am missing something though.

This show is knackering me out. Off for a shower, then some food and then some drink. Again for you readers currently in Vegas - I'll be at the Splash Bar later. Although when a few of the otehrs get back from their tarvels (John K, Alex and co) I might see if people want to decamp to the Peppermill's bar as that looked quite nice.

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