Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Vegas Airport Boredom

Ho hum, I'm currently in the airport lounge in Vegas. My flight is still 90 minutes away and it could be said I'm a tad bored.

I've caught up on LJ, my emails, BBC News and Myspace. I've even played around on Ogame but I'm at a point in the game where everything tneds to take several hours (and lots of resources) to build. One of my latest acquisitions in the game is taking almost 6 hours to research! So I don't really have to check back on the game until this evening. Even all of my fleet are out on missions so I can't even play around with them....

So Vegas airport.

Most airports around the world are pretty much the same. Vegas does try to bleed every last cent out of you though as even the airport has rows of slot machines trying to tempt the desperate to try 'one more chance' at winning their fortune. Guess I'm left drinking my coffee and flicking through my LA Guide book and possibly starting The Last Don by Mario Puzo (The author of The Godfather) as I've just picked up a copy for inflight reading.

Wonder what LA will bring.....

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