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From the City of Sin to the City of Angels

Yay-hay! I'm in LA! I also now know why my hotel was on the pricey side. It's a *very* nice hotel and seems to cater to a few stars (if I see any I'll let you know :p).

Seriously though, the hotel is very, very nice. I have a pool side view from my room and am on the 2nd floor - with the walk-in reception being on the third floor - you gotta love the LA hills! :p

I'll be fine as long as we don't have an earthquake or a mudslide I guess...:p

Anyway, it now *feels* like I'm in America. Vegas is a place that defies location. IT is truly a unique place on this planet - regardless what you think of it. Whereas LA has the things that I remember from living in the States and also from visiting other non-Vegas cities over here.

For a start Vegas is all about 'height' and size. The hotels are massive both in ground area as well as in height. In LA many of the buildings are single story affairs - from shops to homes - or at least the ones I've seen so far :p

Not quite sure what I'm going to be getting up to this evening but my first impressions of LA are very positive and I do kinda feel at home here (although this hotel may have something to do with that....)

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