Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Saturday Realisations....

I didn't realise today was Saturday. For some reason I still thought it was a week day. Admittedly LA hasn't woken up yet and I'm only here because I still can't kick the hbait I've acquired this week of waking up around 5.30am.

I was browsing the BBC News site (which along with LJ are helping me remember what time it is in the motherland) and saw the live updates for the Everton - Aston Villa match. This got me all confused because teams don't usually play in the UK during weekday afternoons.

Now feel a bit shell shocked....

Should be meeting up with a couple of the guys behind the Call of Cthulhu Silent Movie later this morning. Lunch, possibly a tour of their studio, and general chatting will ensue.

Not sure what I'm up to after that. Probably some sight seeing and getting to know the layout of the immediate vacinity of the hotel whilst it's daylight so I can decide what to get up to this evening.

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