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Microbes and Viper Room Plans....

Quote of the day so far:

"It's frustrating if you're a microbe that's been wandering the Universe for a million years to then die striking the surface of Europa,"
I'm sure it must be frustrating if microbes could get frustrated.

Full article: Earth Could Seed Titan With Life (BBC News Online; Saturday 18th March 2006)

Right, if all goes well I'll be watching five bands at The Viper Room this evening : Duress, Buckfast, Halstead, Native June and Mindcandy. Just listened to a few tracks by Mindcandy and Buckfast online and they're both definetly rock and sounded fairly good. Just hope I can get in (it's not a massive place - only holding about 250 people).

So, wash, food, gig.

Sounds good to me :)

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