Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

(Gig) The Sisters of Mercy / The Warlocks

So the night finally came. The main reason why I'm still in America and in LA in particular.

The Sisters of Mertcy @ The House of Blues

The House of Blues is actually a really nice venue. It's a very good size - slightly smaller than The Forum in London - and has two levels. The stage is pretty large (again about the size of The Forum) and they have a great sound system.

The first two things that struck me was having to produce (a given in many places out here) and then going through a security check with metal detectors. Never had that experience at a gig before!

Also gigs over here start later. the support came on at 9pm and the Sisters came on at 10.15 and finsihed around 11.50.

First up were The Warlocks who were very good (which is surprising from past experience with Sisters support bands). They were similiar in sound to The Jesus & Mary Chain/The Wedding Present and band sof that ilk. Will certainly try and catch tghem again at tomorrows gig and also pick up some of their stuff when I get home.

The Sisters of Mercy - currently a three piece - came on and von Eldritch started doing his stuff. The first part of their set seemed to consist of quite a few new tracks I've not heard before (does this actually mean we *may* see a new album in the future...? Surely not...) with a sprinkling of older classics (Alice, Anaconda, etc). The arrangements of some of the old songs has been fiddled with, but then I'm sure they were last time I saw them too.

American gigs (or at least The Sisters gig) are not like their British counterparts. On the whole people weren't dancing and their was a lot more 'whooping' from the crowd. There was absolutely no gothy arm-waving and mosh pit that I'm accustomed to. In fact it's safe to say that I was pretty much the only one to do any real arm waving and got several very strange looks :p Although a more gothic girl near me ended up coming over to sway a bit too.

Largely due to the crowd the gig felt a lack of passion that many Sisters gigs usually have. Certainly von Eldritch belted some of the songs out which would have caused a frenzy in the UK.

Overall I enjoyed it, but I'm leaving my jacket at the hotel tomorrow so I can go and show the Americans what a Sisters gig should really be like! :p

I should say at this point that not all involved were Americans. I bumped into a girl in front of me who was from Leeds and now lives over here with her hsuband. I spent quite a bit of time chatting to them until The Sisters were about to come on when I moved nearer the front. I also met a Brit next to me at the bar and a third/fourth at the t-shirt counter. So there were a few ex-pats there.

I also REALLY like the feeling of being able to walk 100 paces and be *home*. Must arrange hotels near gigs more often - or just move next to a venue! hehe...

Part one completed roll on tomorrow.

Oh, I believe that both The Sisters and The Warelocks are staying at the same hotel as me. Thinking of heading up to the bar/outside for a smoke to see if I can run into any of them :p

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