Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

(Film Review) V For Vendetta

Every time I visit the States I try and catch at least one film at the cinema. Usually these films are weeks, if not months in some cases, away from their UK general release. Things seem to have tightened up this year though. Pretty much all of the films here (at least the ones I'm interested in) are already on big screens in the UK already. We're even ahead in some cases as Lucky Number Slevin still has not been released Stateside and is still being trailered as a forthcoming release.

With this in mind I decided to go and see 'V For Vendetta' which was released on both sides of the pond last Friday and which a number of you have already seen and commented on in your LJs. Whereas some of the reviews in the media seem to have been pretty negative from your reviews and comments on your LJs the vast majority of you guys and gals who have seen the film have really enjoyed it.

Anyway, I asked at the front desk and scouted the internet and it seemed that a cinema here in LA called The Arclight (on Sunset and Vine) was one of the best places to see it. It turns out that The Arclight is actually one of the best - if not THE best - cinemas in LA so I made a good choice. V For Vendetta was showing in several screens but also in their 'Dome' screen. The Dome screen was originally built back in 1963 and the current screen is 32 x 86 feet! It is a lovely screen and you even get a compare before the film welcoming you to the screen and remidning people to switch phones, etc off, as well as a bit about the movies background and the actors within it. Fine stuff.

Now whilst it has been many years since I last read V For Vendetta I can honestly say this was a very good translation of the comic. Sure it's been updated and tweaked in places, but times have changed since the 80's and as with many films it had to appeal to more of a mass market that the comic ever had too. It manages to make these changes and still maintain much of the original source material.

V's voice was a little disconcerting from behind the mask initially but I soon got used to it. The acting, on the whole was good, and certain scenes managed to get the laughs that they were intended to (he says without giving any spilers away :p). I really enjoyed the film and, more importantly, so did most of the rest of the cinema. I was a bit unsure how some people would take to the subject matter (after all the film is about terrorism from a terrorists point of view) but I needn't have worried. Hopefully many of the viewers will walk away enjoying the film but also thinking about the meaning behind the film and how it relates, in part, to their own governments today.

School Report: B+/A- (Almost positive this will achieve a high rank in my end of year Top Ten)
Tags: film review

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