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(LA) Last night in town....

Tonight is my last night in LA. I get up at an ungodly hour Tuesday morning to fly to Montreal and then transfer onto a flight to London. With all the time zones involved it means I'll be arriving in Londonround 7.30am Wednesday morning. I pretty much loose an entire day!

Anyway, I splashed out tonight on ordering room service from the in-house restaurant (a very nice one too) as it's raining outside and I couldn't be arsed to go out and hunt down some food. In a few moments I will be heading out though as it's night 2 of The Sisters of Mercy gigs.

It'll be good to see The Warlocks again too. Despite my administrations last night I will be taking a coat with me. The venue might only be 100 paces away from the hotel but, well, it's raining. Yeah, I know I'm a pansy! :p

I may update again before I leave but if not then the next you'll be hearing from me will be when I'm back home in the UK. Apart from then playing catch up I want to try and track down a few of you new friends (both on LJ and Myspace) who live in London to meet up with and put faces to names and all that.

Take care dear readers. Speak to you all soon....

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