Angus Abranson (angusabranson) wrote,
Angus Abranson

Sisters Night 2 & Vic Reeves

Tonight was one of those rarities. The stars must have been in alignment or something.


Because tonight we had 'chatty' Eldritch. Out of all of The Sisters gigs I've been to over the last sixteen years Eldritch has hardly communicated with the crowd at all. Rarely do we get a 'good evening' or a 'good night'. Tonight he quite merrily bantered with the audience (well, merrily for von Eldritch in anycase). He complained about LA smoking laws (and then kept disappearing off stage for a drag before giving up finally and bringing a cigarette out with him), gave an intro or two to songs and thanked everyone at the end of his first set plus both additional encoures. I don't know what got into the man!

Despite his sudden ability to talk tonights gig was alot better than last nights. There were less people in the audience but they were more active than last nights crowd. Plus the set was different. There was no 'Alice' tonight (the most obvious ommission) but in her place we had 'First and Last and Always', 'This Corrosion' and 'Lucretia'. He ended the set, as last night, with 'Temple of Love' and 'Vision Thing'.

Also some of my more astute readers (certainly on LJ, not sure if I mentioned it on my Myspace account) may remember me mentioning that I thought Vic Reeves (British comedian) was staying at the same hotel as me. Well I think I can confirm that now as we just said hello to each other in the hallway and I think it's definetly him :)

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