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Oh the Memories........and other news

Some bands can really bring back memories of yesterdays and the dreams you had as a teenager.

All About Eve are definetly one of those bands for me. I fell in love with them circa '87 and they have stayed in my life pretty much ever since - admittedly ebbing and flowing through it, but always never too far away.

Anyway, 'Keepsakes' - an All About Eve double CD + DVD collection -  arrived for me whilst I was away in the States and I've only got round to putting it on this evening. God, the memories. In some ways I'm sad that the youth has gone and the dreams have dulled. What was once so vibrant is tired but still wakes up every so often and has plans to find its way out of the quagmire of modern living back into the vitality of thought and action.

Strangely enough one of my favourite tracks is 'Drowning' which I think only ever appeared as a B-Side when it was first released. Saying that I really liked many of AAE's B-Sides as another of my favourite tracks was Elizaveth of Glass (which sadly doesn't appear on this collection). I even used Elizabeth of Glass as a short story title I liked it so much :p


In other news this seems to be the week of General Strikes. France is having a massive strike tomorrow against the Employment Laws the government is bringing in for those aged under-26. Although from talking to Delphine it will be affecting many people over 26 as well as it covers 'new positions' created . Thus an employer can 'create' a position and recruit someone and they can still keep the two-year rule reagrdless of that persons age. It'll be interesting to see how the French government reacts although Dominique de Villepin does seem to be loosing a certain amount of support from within his own party, although (not surprisingly) employer's have come out and backed the new laws.

Coinciding with the French General Strike, but completely seperate, is what could be Britain's biggest General Strike since 1926. Tomorrow sees upto 1.5 million council workers in the UK walk-out in protest over new pension guidelines the government is trying to impose on them. Eight unions voted for strike action and have pledged furtehr action on the run up to the local council elections in May.

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