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Rock n F**king Roll (or Wow! Zombina + Bella Morte rocked my world!!!!)

What a way to wrap an otherwise noneventful and fairly substandard Thursday up.

I headed down to The Verge in Kentish Town and met up with a bundle of friends to see a few bands.

Devilishly Presley I've seen before and generally enjoy their Deathrock-meets-Elvis stlye. Tonight wasn't the best I've seen them but they still put on a good show.

Zombina & The Skeletons on the other hand are a band that I'm touting for greatness. They F**KING ROCK! The band is young, talented and musically very tight. They have tons of stage presence and if they can keep themselves together through the rigours of the music industry I'd expect to see them gracing radio stations and TV shows one day. With an average age of 19 they have a long road to travel but I sincerely hope they do well. Their debut album 'Taste the Blood of Zombina & The Skeletons' (which I brought last night along with their 'Halloween Hollwerin!' EP) is really good and the quality of recording and presentation (wow - an actual full colour insert with lyrics and photos from a currently small indy band!) is very impressive.
Everyone should catch this band live at least once. Once will generally be enough to get you back. Their website ( has a few MP3 downloads to sample.

Confession time: I'd never heard any Bella Morte before tonight and you know what? I was seriously missing out. Bella Morte were incredible and I'm very surprised they've never played the UK before and aren't bigger than they are. I'm not sure I'd call them Deathrock (not sure of the exact subgenre of music Deathrock is supposed to cover anyway - I always thought it was more The Cramps and such?) as Bella Morte sounded like a punkier Faith No More for the most part. The singer, and the rest of the band, have a lot of stage presence and are very polished whilst still keeping that off-the-wall banter going with the crowd (which Sasha was very good at replying to ;-p). They were brilliant and much dancing was had. They have just shot to the top of the 'CDs Angus Must Buy' list.

Overall - blinding night. Haven't enjoyed myself so much at a gig for ages. Good music. Good company. Too much good drink. I came out of it feeling like a Rock n Roll God. And tonight it continues with the stunningly brilliant B-Movie Club. BRING IT ON!

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