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...and he shall go to the ball.... he'll be broke, but he'll be there.....

I'm sure I remember going to Reading Festival for £75 for the weekend. It may have even been £60.

Standard tickets (you know, the ones that sold out before I could get them) were £135 this year! Oh, plus booking fee plus postage - lets call it £147!

The ones I just brought (and yes I did finally get them, and yes it does mean I have to take a spoddy coach there....but at least I'll actually be there) cost just under £165 per ticket. And with that I'm getting 2p change out of the £165!!!

But I'll be there. So will Nicole. She'll be happy. I'll be broke.

Today has been a very expensive day one way or another. I hope I don't have another like it ffor some time.

I may go out for a cigarette now. I think I need one, even though I've been a terribly good boy this evening and not had a single one.

Just wish I had some Diet Coke as I'd mix it with the little Southern Comfort I have left. Mind you having it neat at the moment seems like an equally good idea.....

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