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Welcome, Welcome..... (new friends...)

I ahould really be getting ready for B-Movie as we're leaving in 20 minutes but hell, I thought I'd make a quick entry and say hello to some new friends who've joined in the fun over the last week or so. I don't think I know all of you so please feel free to leave a message to say hi and who you are ;-p

So welcome aboard.....

acestatic  of sunny Florida

corpsie  from the best city in the world (aka London)

crocodilewings  of not so sunny Manchester

sweetdenial  from Seattle (yay! used to live near there myself!)

felineparadox  of Edinburgh (I have a name like Angus and have still never been to Scotland!)

Also an honorable mention to dj_steve_rbn  although he's been posting away already so I knew he'd joined. Hmm, better stop now as we're supposed to be picking him up at 8!

Hope you all (and my other friends) have a great weekend and to talk to everyone sooner or later!



Apr. 17th, 2004 09:13 am (UTC)
Hi Jack, welcome aboard! I'll mention to Dave that you posted (he also has an LJ now, username daver2323 - its an IC horror story he's working on).
I'm not sure when the next SLACon is taking place as its organised by the fans over here and we have little official involvement in it apart from turning up and having drinks brought for us ;-p
It's probably worth your while joining the SLA mailing list. Just send an email to station-analysis-subscribe@topica.com and you'll be subscribed.
Hope you enjoy the Evil Things(TM) that we have planned for SLA over the next few years! ;-p

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