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Actually despite the rather comical nature of the film I am actually looking for some real life Ghostbusters or an Exorcist within the London and Home Counties area.

I figured there are still a few of you on my F-List who may have contacts in those circles (my own contacts largely dried up about twelve years ago when I started my hiatus from the scene).

Basically I have a friend whose house is haunted. It has been for ages but the family living there has taken it quite tongue in cheek as apart from the standard noises, things moving around and general disturbance of sleeping patterns whatever is there has not been overtly malicious. In the lst few days though it has started being a bit nastier to the extent that the mother is now sleeping in the kids room because the mian bedroom is not conducive to sleep (last night she was woken up by violent hissing in the face).

The mothers boyfriend even slept alone in the room a couple of nights ago and has decided he's not going back for a while.

Anyway, it is causing a problem and regardless of your beliefs on the subject it needs to be looked at. So if you have any contacts with parapsychologists or their ilk please let me know and I'll pass on the details.

I have been invited to go and stay the night to experience it first hand and whilst I will admit I am tempted there's part of me that does remember my own experiences in that department from years ago which does not really want any of my beliefs reinforced at the moment.

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